Представительницы Национального агентства по туризму вместе с Лисёнком Лесиком

Members of National Tourism Agency with baby fox Lesik

On April 3-6 National exhibition center BelEXPO in Minsk hosted 22 international fair for tourism “Leisure –2019”. Representatives of tourism industry from 15 countries participated in annual Belarusian celebration of recreation, travel and new impressions.

Министр спорта и туризма Сергей Ковальчук официально открывает ярмарку туристских услуг «Отдых – 2019»

Sergey Kovalchuk, Belarusian Minister of Sports and Tourism, officially opens the fair for tourism “Leisure – 2019”

On the first day, April 3rd, the fair was officially opened by the Minister of Sports and Tourism of Republic of Belarus Sergey Kovalchuk. Many Belarusian and foreign officials visited the fair in order to personally learn about a wide variety of services and activities presented by the participants. The event was also heavily covered by Belarusian mass media.

Телеканал ОНТ берёт интервью у посла Палестины в Беларуси Халида Ариката возле стенда Национального агентства по туризму

ONT TV-channel interviews Khaled Arikat, the Palestinian ambassador in Belarus, next to the stand of National Tourism Agency.

Министр спорта и туризма Сергей Ковальчук и заместитель министра спорта и туризма Михаил Портной у стенда Витебской области

Sergey Kovalchuk, Minister of Sports and Tourism, and Michail Portnoy, Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism, at the stand of Viciebsk region.

The fair has proven once again that tourism is one of those few phenomena that are capable to captivate in the similar manner the attention of people of different ages, hobbies and occupations. “Leisure – 2019” was visited alone, in groups and with families, by youth and elderly, adults and children alike.

22-я международная ярмарка туристских услуг «Отдых – 2019»

22 International Fair for Tourism “Leisure – 2019”

This expo coundn’t have been imagined without the II European Games, the main sporting event of this year in Belarus. For example, the stand of National Tourism Agency, that also joined all the regions of Belarus, was designed in accordance with the style of the upcoming competitions. The fair was also brightened by the mascot of the Games, Lesik the baby fox. He didn’t miss any chance to socialize with the guests of the fair and make their day a little bit more colourful.

Лисёнок Лесик заглянул на стенд Национального агентства по туризму

Lesik visiting the stand of National Tourism Agency

After getting acquainted with the rich touristic potential of Belarus at the main stand of the “Leisure – 2019” and working very hard to figure out the best options for directions and tour operators for the closest vacations, the guests of the exhibition could visit presentations of domestic and foreign tourist products, discuss the trends and prospects of the industry at the seminars and round tables, taste the produce of the local productions or participate in numerous games and lotteries which promised different prizes – from delicacies of national cuisines to entire tours.

Презентация краеведческого ресурса «Планета Беларусь»

Presentation of the regional history information source “Planet Belarus”

Угощения белорусских агроусадеб

Treats of Belarusian farmsteads

Представительница Национального агентства по туризму возле колокола исполнения желаний, представленного Гродненской областью

Member of the National Tourism Agency at the bell of fulfilling wishes, presented by the Grodno region.

The fair was concluded on Saturday, April 6. National Tourism Agency, along with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Republic of Belarus, were rewarded for their input, partnership and cooperation in development of the fair.

Дипломы Национального агентства по туризму и Министерства спорта и туризма Республики Беларусь «За партнёрство и сотрудничество в развитии ярмарки» 

Diplomas of the National Tourism Agency and the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus “For partnership and cooperation in development of the fair”