Marshing is a relatively new form of extreme recreation, which is actively developing in Belarus. In our country about 14% of the territory is occupied by swamps or marshes, and they are characterized as incredibly beautiful open spaces. But people go hiking in the swamps not only for the beautiful places – this is a real endurance test, it challenges both the strength of character and physical abilities. This type of recreation (or rather, entertainment) requires thorough preparations.
Travelers should stock up on flashlights, gas burners, waterproof clothes and shoes appropriate for the season, tents and a lot of other things. For example, special sticks similar to the walking poles for nordic walking, which are indispensable in the marshes, their availability would be much more convenient than looking for the branches along the way. 


A complete list of necessary things for the hike should be made by the team leader. Besides, it is important to understand that traveling through the swamps is dangerous, therefore the group must have an accompanee/ guide – a person who has enough experience in such hikes, and also who is familiar with the area to which a small expedition will be sent.
Under no circumstances should you go on a hike in the marsh with an inexperienced group, and especially all alone – it is too dangerous, especially for those who have never experienced anything like this. 

Where in Belarus is it better to go marshing?

So far, only a few areas have been explored enough to be safe for marshing, but if you start looking for an accompanee, you are more likely to find them at such sites: 

1. Yelnya,
2. Dulebes,
3. Olmanes,
4. Pripyatskiy National Park,
5. Vygonoshchanskoe swamp. 

Before the trip, the group must have a map and a course of action – all the details should be known in advance, in order to prevent the unpleasant surprises. 

What are the challenges of winter marshing? 

There are multiple pillars that create extreme conditions:
  • Low temperature. You should keep in mind that in the forest and swamp there are no sources of heat, compared to the city – for example, when the temperature rises due to a large number of people, cars, buildings. That means that in the nature the cold will be felt much stronger. 
  • High humidity. In marshes, where there is a lot of water, it is very important for you to have an additional protection from hypothermia and getting wet.
  • Risks of falling into the water — in rivers, lowlands, etc. In order to avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to move within a group and be able to get help from the companions, as well as choose appropriate long boots.
  • Danger of getting lost. Once again, we highlight the importance of going to hike in the swamp with an experienced accompanee/guide. 
Usually, such trips last for several days, so it is necessary to be able to equip a camp, build the right fires, maintain warmth and cook food in Spartan (harsh) conditions. This is a real challenge for people who have never had such an extreme experience in hiking. Marshing should be chosen by those, who are really confident in their abilities, are not afraid of difficulties and have a good health. And judging by the fact that this direction is actively developing in Belarus, there are a lot people, who are ready to take this challenge.