Observation platforms in Grodno

Grodno is one of the few regional cities in Belarus that has no shortage of observation platforms, although the citizens would not refuse to get a few more such places.

Observation platforms on Darwin Street

It was made not so long ago — and the place was chosen very well. This is a small square on the banks of the Neman River, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the New and Old Castles, the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier, the Borisoglebskaya Church, as well as the theater and the bridge.

An interesting detail of the site is a bright forged rotunda with a multi-colored roof. When the sun falls on it, a colored shadow appears under the rotunda, which looks incredibly beautiful and unusual. At night it is effectively illuminated.

There is binocular on the platform itself, so you can admire distant objects. And there are many benches nearby so that you can sit and relax in silence.

«Old Town roofs» on Sovetskaya Street

A unique object appeared on the roof of the former department store. It is unique not only for Grodno, but also for the whole Belarus. This is the largest observation deck in the whole country (with an area of about 800 meters). Its height is not so impressive — only 25 meters — but guests will definitely enjoy the organization and views. From there you can see the center of Grodno, and there is a cafe on the territory.

The walking area occupies about half of the entire place — it has benches and plants in tubs. They are not yet fully grown, but within a few years a real garden should grow on the roof.

The roof cafe is cozy and large – with sofas, armchairs, bag chairs and hanging cocoons. Guests can enjoy delicious food and incredible views in the most comfortable conditions. You can get there either by a panoramic elevator or by stairs — the entrance to the walking area is free for everyone.

Tower of the Holy Intercession Cathedral

You can also see Grodno from the height of the Holy Intercession Cathedral, which is located on Ozheshko Street (building 23). Employees of the cathedral conduct tours of the site from eleven in the morning to four in the evening. You do not need to pay a fixed amount for this, but employees will ask you to leave a donation for the temple — you can determine the amount yourself. In return for a donation, you will be able to get up to the platform, as well as listen to interesting stories of the guide, ask him about something — this is much more interesting than going up on your own, without knowing any details.

120 steps of the fire tower

Another opportunity to see the city from a height is given by the fire tower of Grodno, which is located on Zamkovaya Street (building 19). The 32-meter-high tower is one of the main attractions of the city and a symbol of its security. It is interesting because every day at noon a bugler goes up and trumpets Belarusian melodies.

And inside there is its own museum related to the fire business. Sometimes, though not always, there is an opportunity to climb up and admire the city from a height. To learn about this opportunity and pre-register for a tour, if one takes place, you can call 8 (0152) 72 36 48. This is the number of the Museum of the history of the fire service — there you will definitely be told the details.

A few words about the prospects

Residents of Grodno and its guests are lucky to have so many beautiful and well-maintained viewing platforms. There are rumors that this is not the end of it — there are several other buildings in the city where you can potentially create similar objects (for example, a theater building). They have a great view – perhaps in time it will also be used and in Grodno will appear other observation platforms which people will want to visit from different parts of the country and the world.