Skiing, snowboarding, sledging and other winter activities are the kinds of pastime that become more popular year by year. Besides, not only young people choose this kind of leisure, but also representatives of riper years do so: now no one wants to sit at home and get bored, when even winter days can be put to good use. Moreover, all conditions for winter activities in Belarus have been created, and the relatively mild favorable climate contributes to this.

In this posting we will tell you about ski resorts and centers that are worth your attention if you are a fan of winter activities.

Complex Silichi

The year-round resort is located only 32 kilometers from the capital. It is very popular with both the residents of the country and guests. It has everything you need for both beginners and more experienced athletes. Cross-country and downhill skiing trails, toboggan slides, snowmobiles, an ice rink, comfortable ski lifts – in short, there is absolutely everything you need for recreation, sports or a more relaxing holiday.

If you do not know how to ski, but really want to, Silichi has its own ski school. And also buying expensive equipment is not obligatory – there is a rental point where you will be provided with everything you need. It is very convenient and profitable for a start, if you want to try yourself in winter sports.

But the offer is not limited to ski trails alone. The complex has restaurants, bathhouses, saunas and spa rooms. You can come either for a day or for several days – the hotel will accommodate those who wish. In the warm season, Silichi also has a lot of amusements to offer: from basketball and bicycles to paintball and roller skates. And barbecue lovers will not be left without comfortable gazebos and grills for making a barbecue. There are also facilities for fishing fans.

Complex Raubichi

Another popular center is located 20 kilometers from the capital. Splendid nature, a lot of water bodies around, a picturesque hill with the Krestogorskaya church – all that will not leave indifferent those who like to relax in a beautiful setting.

The center offers opportunities for both sports and recreational activities. Biathletes and freestylers from other European countries often come here. Also there are ski jumps of different heights up to 60 meters on the territory.

Other complexes and centers

The choice is not limited on the two famous locations. You can also go to other complexes:

1. Logoisk (also not far from Minsk). Here, as in Silichi, there is a ski school, and the complex is also famous for its high-quality slope and a large selection of modern equipment. The center operates all year round, offering, among other things, such amusements as a climbing wall, a rope town, paintball.

2. Yakutsk Mountains. The park is open for both private and corporate clients – recreation here is often chosen for team building purposes. For tubing fans there are as many as three slopes. There are interesting attractions and the opportunity to ride a quad bike or a snowmobile.

3. Solnechnaya dolina. The center is located in the capital itself – here people go skiing, tubing, ice skating, and snowboarding. The main slope is 215 meters high, and the training slope is almost twice as small – 125 meters. There are instructors, so you don't have to learn by yourself – there is always someone who will tell you the technique and the main points.

4. Center in the urban village of Ruba. We leave the capital and go to Vitebsk – more precisely, to the center, located 15 km from the regional city. There are four ski slopes (maximum – 300 meters) and two ski lifts. The relief of the slopes is natural, the difficulty of the tracks is of different levels. Particular advantages of the center are beautiful nature and the possibility of evening skiing.

5. Mozyr. The name suggests where the complex is located – in the town of Mozyr. It is not that big, but the attraction "Sani Toboggan" is worth visiting this place – it is unique not only for the Gomel region, but for the whole country.

For those who love winter sports, there are all conditions in Belarus. Of course, most of the centers are concentrated around Minsk, but taking into account the Belarusian distances, this will not be a problem if you want to spend an activity weekend or vacation. It is not for nothing that such destinations among Belarusians and guests of the country are becoming more and more popular from year to year.