If you want to leave the capital for the weekend and spend time with your family in a beautiful place, this article will be very useful for you. We have collected several places where you can go with your children and get completely new emotions. And the main thing is that you do not have to go too far, spending a lot of time and effort on the road. 

Hydro park in the health center "Sosnovy Bor" (Molodechno district, Radoshkovichi, 50 km from the capital)

On the territory of the hydro park you can go for free, but if you want to order a garden-house for a picnic, you will already have to pay. To do this, you need to approach the administration of the sanatorium — if there is such an opportunity, they will offer conditions for renting garden-house for a few hours or a day.

The hydro park itself is a place of incredible beauty, where you can admire the cascades of water, walk on various bridges, including suspension bridges, enjoy the noise of fountains and other water structures. The complex amazes those who have not seen anything like it before — even a simple walk through it gives peace, calms the nerves and sets up a positive mood. And the photos here are very beautiful.

Сhalkpit (Lyubansky district, Khotinovo, 140 km from the capital)

This is an option for more persistent travelers who are ready to spend 1.5-2 hours on the road. Not so little, but the visit to the quarries is worth it. This place is incredibly beautiful - if only for the reason that the water in the artificial lakes is faultlessly azure, blue and mint color.

Swimming in the quarries is prohibited, but on the shore, you can take a walk, arrange a family picnic or photo shoot. If you have time, you can take a place in a specially designated place for recreation — there are tables and benches that are free for everyone. Practice shows that not only children, but also adults are delighted with such species.

Splash pool of CHPP-5 (35 km from MKAD)

Dozens of fountains several meters high — this is show that causes delight. You should definitely go here with children or only an adult company. Fountains are technical solutions for the discharge and cooling of water from the station.

But from this they look no less impressive – especially if you are lucky with the weather and it will be sunny outside. In this case, among the splashing water, you will certainly see a rainbow. Be sure to bring a good camera or phone with a quality camera – the pictures will be spectacular and perfect for social kids. Well, children from such a trip will get impressions for many weeks to come. 

"Holy Krinitsy", (Holy spring) nature trail (48 km from Minsk) 

The nature trail itself is small, it is only 350 meters, but there is so beautiful nature around that it is impossible to ignore this place. And the atmosphere of this place adds a wooden flooring, which among the dense greenery looks really fabulously.

This path is quite possible to choose in order to tell children some interesting fairy tale story or legend. Along the way, you will meet various small streams, numerous birds that sing and chirp tirelessly. A picnic can also be organized — there is a garden-house where you can have a snack and drink hot tea from a thermos. Such a trip to the country is a great opportunity to touch nature and briefly escape from the usual city bustle.

Nalibokskaya Pushcha (80 km from the capital)

Several ecological paths, land-art, many information stands and simply very beautiful nature – everything for which it is worth going to Pushcha (the forest). And there are also preserved historical attractions – for example, the remains of the Tyshkevich villa in the Vyaloye tract or the abandoned sanatorium "Lesnoye".

True, we recommend going to such places without children. But with the whole family it is better to enjoy nature and a picnic on the shores of the Crooman lake – small but very cozy.

There are many places around Minsk where you can relax with the whole family – the main thing is not to sit at home and have a desire to use time wisely.