Over 60 signs with information about the main places of interest and motorway service facilities will be erected on the M6 Minsk-Grodno motorway ahead of the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019.

The plans were mentioned by Grodno Oblast Vice Governor Viktor Liskovich at a session of the board of the Sport and Tourism Office of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee on 21 February, BelTA has learned. The signs will emphasize the region's tourism appeal, will tell visitors about the most interesting places near the key road in the region.

“They will stay in place even after the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019. We intend to do the same on all the main roads in Grodno Oblast by autumn because the region has something to offer to tourists. A mobile app is in development to offer the same kind of assistance to those travelling by car,” Viktor Liskovich noted. The official stressed that Grodno Oblast athletes also intend to worthily represent the region and the country during major competitions this year. The Grodno Oblast administration enables all the necessary conditions for athlete training.

 “The year 2019 will be a decisive one for the sport industry. Belarus will host the 2nd European Games. Elimination and license competitions in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics will take place. At present 87 Grodno Oblast athletes are among candidates for the two major competitions. More than during other Olympic cycles. We count on our wrestlers, track and field athletes, and shooting sport athletes. I am convinced that Grodno Oblast athletes will perform worthily at least in another 5-7 sports,” noted Oleg Andreichik, Head of the Sport and Tourism Office of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee.

It was noted that a lot of attention in Grodno Oblast is paid not only to extreme performance sport but also to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, mass sports, and physical fitness. Work goes on to put in order existing sport grounds and set up new ones at a convenient distance. Work continues to develop the network of cycling routes, open new swimming pools and major sport facilities. The physical infrastructure of sport schools and general education schools gets better. Sport movement at Grodno Oblast enterprises and organizations advances in leaps and bounds.

Source: BelTA