Sports tourism: what to do during the last month of summer

Belarus sports tourism isn’t a novelty, it is gradually developing, new sports and physical culture facilities are being opened. Stadiums, sports palaces and ice playgrounds are being built. In addition, competitions are held for professionals and amateurs, the number of participants sometimes reaches more than 22 thousand per year.


Even if you are far from professional sports, you will definitely like sports tourism. After all, due to this pastime, you can get a toned body and positive emotions. This activity is suitable for active, energetic people, as well as those who want to enjoy the picturesque views.


And here are a couple of examples:


In such a hot August, everyone wants to be closer to the water, so kayaks are a great option. Of course, do not forget that it is physically challenging, and the muscles can hurt later for a couple of days because of the paddles. Minsk residents are offered to swim along the Svisloch River, and Grodno residents are highly recommended the route along the Augustovsky Canal. Other popular rivers for kayaking are Isloch, Vilia, Sula, Black Gancha.


Big tennis

There are more than 25 big tennis clubs in Minsk alone, which are happy to welcome both beginners and professionals to play on their courts. In addition, about 28 tournaments throughout Belarus are already planned for August. You can find out more on the website or in the social networks of the Belarusian Tennis Federation.


Yacht trips

Yes, there are no real seas in Belarus, but there is an artificial one — the Minsk Sea. There you are able to rent a yacht for different types of pastimes:

1. For a simple yacht trip,

2. For a bachelorette/bachelor party,

3. Carrying out a photo shoot,

4. For training purposes,

5. To have an unforgettable day.

In addition, if you want to surprise your friends and family for a birthday (or any other holiday), then you can buy a gift certificate for a yacht trip on a Minsk Sea.


Quad Bike ride

Did you think that this happens only in the deserts of Egypt? Let me tell you that it’s not true. For example, in the Minsk IHUNTER rental center, even children are allowed to drive a quad bike. Therefore, you can without a doubt come there with the whole family for the weekend and have a great time. In addition, the prices are quite pleasant. Of course, there are such places in all regional centers, and it isn’t difficult to find them at all.

Rope towns

There are a lot of such towns all over the country, but they all represent the same idea. These are facilities where there are crossings made of ropes that are positioned between trees at different heights, usually from one and a half to seven meters. The difficulty and methods of passing can be different, which makes each individual rope town unique. There are even rope towns that can be placed at your home. And both adults and children will like this pastime.


Hot air balloon flights

This is just an amazing opportunity to look at your city from above, as well as have a pleasant and warm experience lasting for a lifetime. Just imagine how many great photos you can take! And if you are personally afraid of heights, then there is an opportunity to purchase a gift certificate for your friend or family member, they will definitely like it! According to our information, there are at least five airlines in each regional center that are engaged in hot air balloon flights.


Of course, this is not the whole list of possible options. Even during the last month of summer, there is a huge selection of activities that can resonate in your soul!