From 7/11/2019 in the matter of foreign citizens’ convenience the cash payout under TAX FREE system has been arranged through a duty free shop “Airport Minsk” LLC “MarketLiga” (Duty Free) located in the National Airport Minsk. The shop is 24 hours-opened 7 days a week.

For reference: RUE Beltamozhservice is the only TAX FREE system operator in the Republic of Belarus. At present there are more than 800 shops in the Republic of Belarus providing the opportunity of purchasing goods for foreign citizens under TAX FREE system.

One of the largest points of clearance for the export of goods under this system on the territory of the Republic of Belarus is the Minsk National Airport, which receives more than 60% of the VAT refund.

At the same time 20% of the VAT refund is paid out in cash through the return point of RUE Beltamozhservice located in the departure zone of the National Airport Minsk.

For reference: Directly at the National Airport Minsk for issuing a check for VAT refund under this system customs authorities recommend that you reserve 15-20 minutes. When goods are exported in baggage, customs officers must be invited by phone to pass customs control in the first departure sector near the place of oversized baggage delivery. In that case when the goods are transported in hand luggage when passing customs control you must proceed to the red corridor. Customs officers identify the goods exported, check them against the submitted documents and make the necessary notes on the checks, as well as explain where to go to receive a refund under the Tax Free system.

Tax Free service allows you to save money on purchases made in stores in Belarus for non-residents of the The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU includes: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), provides the return of 15% of the purchase amount without VAT, applies to all goods that are subject to VAT at the rate 20%, available for purchases worth more than 80 (BYN) belarusian rubles within one day in one store participating in the Tax Free program.

Cash VAT refunds are made only in Belarusian rubles. After customs control being passed in the departure zone everyone can contact a specialist of RUE Beltamozhservice or an employee of the Minsk Airport duty-free shop, LLC MarketLiga (Duty Free) for cash VAT refunds. In addition, cash refunds can be made through branches of OJSC Belarusbank, located at checkpoints on the border with Poland (Berestovitsa, Bruzgi, Kozlovichi, Domachevo, Peschatka, Warsaw Bridge), Lithuania (Privalka, Benyakoni, Kamenny Log, Kotlovka), Latvia (Grigorovshchina, Urbany), Ukraine (New Guta, New Rudnya, Verkhny Terebezhev, Mokrany).

You will require:
- a completed Tax Free check with a cash register and customs seal;
- passport or other equivalent document.
To receive refund to a bank card, it is necessary to send a check for VAT refund, with the specified information about the bank card, by mail (in a special free envelope), or drop it in a box at the customs clearance point of any republican point of customs clearance. You can send an envelope within 6 months after the export of goods.

Nowadays the Republican Unitary Enterprise Beltamozhservice is the largest logistics operator in the Republic of Belarus with 20 years work experience. 

Having passed the twenty-year development path, having the status of an authorized economic operator, customs carrier and customs representative, as well as being the owner of various types of warehouses, guarantor during customs transit, and a software product developer. The company today provides a full range of logistics services, electronic booking of queues at the border, creates and sells software products, services, Tax Free.